Word of the Day Archive

If you are one of the few lame people who do not log on to our website every day, you've probably missed some of our words of the day. Even though you apparently don't like us, we like you. So, for your benefit, here are the past words of the day.

See how many you can work into a sentence this week.

1. Scrobiculate: Marked with many shallow depressions, grooves, or pits.

2. Vena Scrotalis: veins passing from the scrotum to the pudendal veins.

3. Baked Scrod: Scrod that is baked. Scrod is a young fish, such as cod or haddock. According to the dictionary, it is one split and boned (huh-huh) for cooking.

4. "SCROFULA": tuberculous infection of the skin of the neck.

5. "SUS SCROFA": Feral pig. Note, the Scrofa (without the sus) is a fictional mammal created for the TV series, The Future is Wild. The scrofa is descended from pigs (but are very small by pig standards, only 8-12 inches high) and lives on the remains of Mediterranean islands. The Mediterranean Sea has become a salt pan desert, uninhabitable to the scrofas. Editor's Note: One can only assume that the Scrofa's name is derived from "sus scrofa" and not "scrotum".

6. "SCROTOSCOPY": a new endourologic technique for the exploration of the scrotum. Editor's Note: We are not sure why someone chose to undertake the mission to develop a new technique for the exploration of the scrotum. By our reckoning, the existing methods were sufficient.

7. Uranus: 1. Seventh planet from the sun; 2. Greek God; 3. (editor's addition) Nice way of referring to someone's bunghole. E.G. "If you eat too much Taco Bell, Uranus will burn."

8. Boson: particles having integer spin. Most bosons are elementary particles which are not known to be composed of other particles. Editor's Note: We have no idea what this means. We thought it meant "dork."

9. Nimrod: This one has so many definitions I can actually feel myself getting smarter as I type them. And yes, they are all real! The internet says so! 1. A Mesopotamiam king mentioned in the Bible (also spelled Namrood or Nemrod). 2. A Pseudonym of English author Charles James Apperley (1777-1843). 3. A 1930s British fighter aircraft. 4. Ship used by Ernest Shackleton during his 1908 Antarctic expedition. 5. (Slang) a silly or foolish person.

10. Monger: a peddler. Also known as a soliciter or canvasser. Popular uses include warmonger (someone who is anxious to encourage a nation to go to war) and gossip monger. But that doesn't mean you can't add monger to any other word to create even funnier words. For example, Scrod Monger sounds funny, but now you also know it means to peddle a kind of fish.

11. Poppycock: nonsense, sensless talk. Editor's note: This word in no way relates to any father's body part.

12. Gonad: Organ that makes gametes. For example, sperm and eggs cells are gonads.

13. Condiment: a substance applied to food, usually in the form of a garnish, powder, or spread, to enhance or improve the flavor. Note: Not to be confused with a "condom-mint" - a mint shaped like a condom.

14. S.C.R.O.: Scottish Criminal Record Office ... for real! Even better, check out their website: www.scro.police.uk. Can you imagine being investigated by the "Scro Police"?

15. Scroggin: (New Zealand) high-energy trail mix: a mixture of dried fruit, nuts, chocolate, and other high-energy foods eaten as a snack by hikers. Of course Scro-ggin has nuts! New Zealand just earned some cool points.

16. Shih Tzu: a dog breed that originated in China, which explains the funny spelling. I always figured it was an attempt to keep people from getting confused by the name "shits-you."

12. JIS: The Jamaica Information Service (JIS) is the multifaceted information agency of the Government of Jamaica that gathers and disseminates information on the policies, programmes and institutions of the Government of Jamaica so as to increase awareness, understanding and support for these policies, programmes and institutions; as well as to reflect the views and concerns of the people about Government policies, programmes and institutions. Whew! What would we do without JIS?

Note: Clicking on some of the words will take you to the original page devoted to that word. It is recommended that you do so. NOW! Oh, and if you were wondering, these are real words. If you don't believe us (and honestly, you have no reason to), look these words up with this google toolbar: