Reading Iz Hard: Watch a Video Instead!

At Bofa D's we realize sometimes reading is hard. You don't want to stare at words, even words as funny as these. You'd rather watch a video. Continuing our mission to be the only website you'll ever need, here are some quality video clips. We do the screening, so you don't have to watch a million worthless videos of people singing in the shower in order to find a good one.

Slam Dunk Hilarity: This page has two funny videos on it. First, a kinda nerdy kid (no offense) shows us his dunking skillz in his basement. Then, in the second video, he grows up and enters a European Slam Dunk Contest that can't be missed (ok, it probably isn't him but it makes a good story).

Baseball Nutshot: Another two for one deal. See a baseball player get hit in the nuts. Then, as a bonus, there's a golf commercial where ... a guy gets hit in the nuts.

Crazy Nunchuck Guy: Watch a guy try to do a backflip, and then fall on his face. But wait, there's more ... watch the vid to find out what happens next!

Richard Simmons Adjusts Self: This clip from the Today Show is funny for two reasons. One, it has Richard Simmoms. Two, it has him adjusting his unit.

The Legend of Dr. Hoops: If you've ever played a game of pickup basketball, you need to watch this commercial.

Superhero Volleyball: Watch four superheroes play volleyball straight out of Top Gun!

Adopt A Cat Movie: Pinky is a nice cat who need a new home. Feel free to adopt him, if you don't mind a groin attack. The funniest pet adoption video ever.

D*** in a Box.: SNL may not be funny anymore, and Justin Timberlake is lame. But together, they pulled off a hilarious video

Random Coke Video: Our second reader generated movie. It's random.

Cricket Movie: Crickets are underrepresented in both the action and comedy worlds. Check out this video to see the culmination of years of research.

Japanese Game Show: When they get an answer wrong, the contestants get hit in the nuts! Genius!

Super Bowl Ads: The Super Bowl ads were lame. But you can see the best of the bunch here coupled with our exclusive Super Bowl ad analysis.

Trump Rips Rosie: See Donald go off on Rosie O'Donnell.

Cincinnati Mayor's First Pitch: The infamous first pitch by the Mayor. It is too bad for words. NOTE: MLB keeps deleting the clips, so bear with us if you can't view them.

Ready to do some reading? Even if you aren't, check out our other links!


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