The World's Ugliest Dog

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Every once and a while, someone accompishes something so awesome that we have to shift the spotlight away from our brilliance. And even more rarely is that someone an animal. But when a dog is named the World's Ugliest Dog, true brilliance has been achieved. This page is devoted to Elwood, a mix between a Chihuaha and a Chinese Crested dog who was named the World's Ugliest Dog the annual ugly dog contest at the Marin-Sonoma County Fair. This victory was extra special because Elwood finished second last year. Imagine being so ugly that you can come in second, but not being quite good enough to win it all. But this time, Elwood came out on top, or bottom. Elwood, we salute you!

This begs the question: How did Elwood overtake last year's winner, Archie (pictured below)? Did the other dog die, or did Elwood get uglier?

Note to next year's challengers: Apparently to have a chance, your tongue has to be sticking out.

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