Project Pedestrian (1944): Illuminati Time Travel?

On January 20, 1944 at 1315 hours, German expatriate Emil Heintze was sent back in time to February 3, 1939. His mission was to work his way into inner circle of Adolph Hitler and assassinate him. By predetermined parameters, the mission was a success. Hitler was dead, thanks to Heintze.

Mr. Heintze returned to January 20, 1944 at 1316 hours. He was gone for approximately 60 seconds. He left the past on October 14, 1939 after spending nearly nine months there. He assured the team that Hitler was dead, the war was over, and the United States had never entered it. He provided a photo of himself (below) as part of the Hitler entourage - which was then compared with the pre Project Pedestrian photo in which he was not present.

But to the rest of the world in 1944, history remained the same. To the present, Hitler was alive and the war still raged. Can history be changed?

Mr. Heintze was sent back on two more missions. One to assassinate Hitler before he came to power and one to assassinate the parents of Hitler before he was born. Heintze succeeded in killing his target both times. But still, history did not change.

Based on the analysis of the Project Pedestrian files, one conclusion can be reached: We cannot change time. Instead, we have created alternate time-lines/realities where Hitler either died or never existed. But our history is permanent ... sobering news to those who have sworn to right the wrongs of the past.

Below is photographic evidence that time travel occurred.

secret file 


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