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PS3 or Wii?  The World May Never Know

Bofa D's is more than the greatest comedy website ever.  It is also the greatest technology review site ever.  This holday season, we know our readers are torn between two gift options, the Playstation 3 (affectionately called the PS3) and the Nintendo Wii (also known as the Wiiiiiii).  This week, we compare and contrast these two systems to help you, the consumer, make this difficult choice.


PS3: We had a hard time reviewing this item for two main reasons.  One, its 600 bucks.  Two, even if we had 600 bucks, they didn't make very many so you have to camp out for hours just to get one. On the plus side, Sony has been pretty upfront all along that the thing is way expensive and no one has a chance of actually getting one, outside of Ebay.  I did manage to play a 3 minute demo of the NBA game at the Sony store, and it was pretty fun, even if I did have to wait an hour to get my turn.


Wii: To be honest, we weren't able to play the Wii.  Priced at a modest $250, we quickly decided that the Wii was the best thing ever.  That and  it is really fun to say.  Weeeeee!  Our hopes of achieving wii-osity were dashed as we learned that much like the PS3, no wii's were to be found.  And unlike PS3, we were led to believe on numerous occasions that a wii could be obtained.  Very frustrating.


So, in review, we really don't know which system is better.   If you've read this whole article, you are probably annoyed that we've provided no actual review.  Maybe you feel that you wasted your time.  Well pally, now you know how we feel after trying to get our hands on one of these things.



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