The Truth Behind Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

In our groundbreaking exposes Secrets of the Illuminati and More Secrets of the Illuminati, we enlisted the help of famed Harvard Symbologist Dr. Hugh Janus to decrypt secret Illuminati codes and messages hidden in the $10 and $2 bills.  Sadly, recent events have again forced us to seek out an expert to unravel another tragedy.   On March 8th, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 took off from Kuala Lumpur en route to Beijing ... and vanished out of thin air.  We consulted with aviation expert and former air force pilot Captain Sully Scrodemberger to figure out what likely happened to the  239 people aboard the plane.  Little did we know that the truth likely lies in a very familiar yet shadowy source ... the Illuminati.

Mr. Scrodemberger walked us through a number of strange pieces of evidence that led him to a startling yet undeniable conclusion involving time travel and the Illuminati.  

Mysterious Passengers: As the mainstream media has widely reported (but downplayed), two passengers were on the plane using the name Delavar Sayed Mohammad Reza and Pouri Nourmahammadi.  However, these identities were fake.  Who were these men?  The media would have you believe that they were simply trying to immigrate to Germany.  However, there is zero evidence to support this.  Captain Scrodemberger posits that these men were actually members of the Illuminati from the future sent back in time to the present to steal passengers from planes that are about to crash.  In the future, Earth's population will be decimated by disease caused by overfishing, chem trails, overcrowding, and global warming.  As a result, the Illuminati began a program by which they'd send agents back to grab flights right before they crashed and bring them into the future using a device known as the Millennium Gate.  This allows them to replenish the gene pool and avoid time travel induced paradoxes because the people on the plane were doomed to die anyway.

possible illuminati agents from the future

This seems plausible, but we needed more proof.  Captain Scrodemberger gave it to us.    

1. Recovered Cell Phone: In a prior airline crash, a cell phones was recovered with the shocking images below that depict the Millennium Gate in action.  Apparently, this was an early attempt to use the Millennium Gate which failed.  Instead of bringing the plane to the future, the plane crashed ... but not before one of the passengers managed to snap these pictures, the only known pictures of the unknown future world facing us:

illuminati time travel gate

2. Course Changes:  On March 15, the media reported that Flight 370 made "tactical evasion maneuvers" after it lost communication with the world and radar.  This begs the question: Why would evasion maneuvers be needed if no one on Earth could see or communicate with the plane?  The answer is simple: The plane needed to reach the exact speed and trajectory to hit the Millennium Gate.  Clearly lessons were learned to improve the wormhole method.

3. Seven Hour Flight:  The press reports that the plane flew for "thousands of miles" off course according to "faint electronic pulses."  This immediately raised the suspicion of Captain Scrodemberger because the seven hour flight time reported by the media exceeds the fuel tank capacity of the plane.  Clearly something else is happening here.  Scrodemberger's bet: The faint pulses picked up by satellites were the echoes of the plane as it moved through the wormhole into the future.illuminati money

4. Cover-Up: The Malaysian Government has repeatedly turned down assistance from Interpol to assist in its investigation.  What do they know and what are they hiding?  Malaysia is known to be the Illuminati headquarters in Asia, meaning it is very likely the government is covering up an Illuminati plot.

5. Communication Gear Shut Off:  After the recovered cell phone detailed above, the Illuminati realized they needed to restrict all communication when they grab a plane.  Conveniently, we now know two different communication systems on the plane were turned off on purpose.  Clearly, the communication blackout is necessary to avoid the truth getting out.

6. Varied Passengers: Thousands of planes crash each year, but not every doomed flight is taken to the future.  So why did the Illuminati choose this flight?  The answer is simple: Genetic Diversity.  Flight 370 had a varied list of passengers which is crucial when trying to diversity the stagnant gene pool of the future.  The flight had 3 Americans, 153 Chinese, an "ethnic Uighur," 38 Malaysians, 7 Indonesians, 6 Australians, 5 Indians, 4 French, and 2 Canadians, New Zealanders, and Ukrainians.

7. No Wreckage:  To date, no wreckage has been recovered.  If a plane actually crashed, it is certain that a debris field would stretch for miles.  Think of every plane crash since the Wright Brothers invented flights: A black box is always recovered. The only way a plane can vanish without any trace is if it travels through a wormhole to the future.  Of course, the Illuminati will likely soon realize this and plant some wreckage.  But when that happens, remember we predicted it and ask yourself:  How did this wreckage suddenly appear out of nowhere?

While the knowledge that Illuminati from the future are traveling back to our time to take planes to the future through a man-made wormhole can be unsettling, Captain Scrodemberger assures us that this is no cause for alarm.  While the future seems to be an inhospitable place, marked by water shortages and androgynous people, if you are taken there, it is because you were about to die anyway.  Arguably, living in the smog and drone filled authoritarian world of the future is better than being dead. Perhaps most importantly, that future is just one of many possible time-lines.  If we continue to fight the Illuminati, we can prevent that future from ever happening.

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Postscript: The Illuminati are most likely mobilizing right now to stop our message of knowledge. Educate yourself, because knowledge is power. It is only a matter of time before they shut this site down in an attempt to silence us.  Please forward this link to everyone you know.  We have to get this message of truth out before we become the next target of ... the Illuminati.

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