Illuminati Control of the London 2012  Summer Olympics

Venice, Rome, Paris, Sandusky.  These cities are all associated with the Illuminati.  But in 2012, one city will become the focus of the entire Illuminati membership.  That city is London.  Everyone knows that London is hosting the 2012 Summer Olympics.  What people don't know is that the 2012 Olympics are a crucial Olympiad for the Illuminati, as a power struggle that has spanned countless generations comes to a head.  We met with the world's most prominent Olympic Historian, Dr. Dixie Normus PhD. to discuss the Olympics.  What we learned shocked even us.  It is becoming well known that there are 13 bloodlines that control the Illuminati.  These bloodlines literally trace back all the way to the time of cavemen.  Over time, some bloodlines rise while others fall.  But with every conflict to date, each bloodline has survived.  Until now.  According to Dr. Normus, these Olympic games are a proxy war for control of the Illuminati, and the losing family will be erased completely.   While it appears that athletes are competing for a gold medal, they are really competing for a chance to survive.

This is the kind of claim that leads us to question Dr. Normus' sanity.  However, we were convinced when she showed us the following evidence.  If it can convince even skeptics like us, imagine the effect it will have on people who already believe:

london olympic illuminati

1. Alternate Logo: This logo, not often seen by the general public, looks like a hammer or a fist - beating the subjects of the Illuminati into submission.  Another version of the logo features the tag line "inspire a generation" 2012.   This is a message to active the next generation of Illuminati agents.

2. The Olympic Stadium: Why does this stadium have all of these pyramids?  And what is inside of the pyramids?  The Eye of Providence, also known as The All Seeing Eye.   This is one of the earliest Illuminati symbols.

3. One-Eyed Mascots: The mascots' names are Wenlock and Mandeville.   This is an anagram for "Lo we man devil Lenck."  Lenck is an ancient Sumerian devil long rumored to have been defeated by Baphomet.  Apparently, his demise was just a ruse and he has been controlled (manned) by one of the Illuminati bloodlines ever since.  This appears to be a threat to the other bloodlines participating in the Olympics.

Why do the mascots have only one eye?  They represent the Dajjal.   Ubada bin Saaamit (R.A.) once said " I have explained Dajjal to you but I fear that you might not have understood.  Maseeh Dajjal will be short, and his legs will be crooked.  The hair on his head will be extremely twisted.  He will have one eye (with which he can see, and this is the protruding eye about which other ahadeeth inform us) while his other eye will be totally flat.  It will be neither deep (in its socket) nor protruding."

4. Olympic Rings:  The five rings of the Olympics are a well known Illuminati symbol, representing the five main Illuminati bloodlines.  Each family controls a region and is represented by a different color.  But there are six here.  Do not be deceived, it is not a rainbow.  The five families are controlled by the One = Six.

5. Mascot Hair:  The hair is another sign of the Dajjal/Anti-Christ.  Remember the quote from Ubada bin Saamit "The hair on his head will be extremely twisted."

6. Chest Logo:  This logo is purposely placed over the chest or where the heart would be, suggesting allegiance to the order.

7. Ray of Light or Sun Beams: An homage to the Egyptian/Illuminati god Horus.

8. Gender Ambiguity: Are they male or female?  Both ... or neither.  They are asexual.  Proof that the Illuminati continue genetic experiments to create a master race that is capable of self preservation and breeding.  The perfect being. 

9. What is this strange blue symbol?  The sign of the male and female as one.  The Illuminati call it Inpinyunac.  

10.  The Five Rings of the Olympics: Again, the rings represent the five main Illuminati families.  But they are not ancient Greek as the 'scientists' would have you believe.  The rings were first discovered by Klaus Hoder, a Nazi archaeologist and psychic and are supposed to have ultimate power when the original five rings are combined together.

11.  27 Holes on the Torch:  27 is a very important Illuminati number.  The war led by the Antichrist will begin in the year 1999 and will last 27 years according to Nostradamus.  The last book of the New Testament, the 27th, is the Book of Revelation.   Twenty seven Masters pursued the murderers of Hiram, who built Solomon's Temple.

12.  Pyramid.

13.  Germanium Torch: A phallic symbol representative of the male ego and command of the Illuminati.  The Torch is constructed of the shiny metal Germanium, a lustrous metalloid in the carbon group.  Complexed organic germanium is being investigated as a possible pharmaceutical.  This is further evidence of an Illuminati attempt at direct mind control through the water supply or the oxidation of the burning metal as it creates a gas.   2012: 20+12 = 32, the atomic number of Germanium (Ge).  Germanium was discovered by Illuminati scientist Dmitri Mendeleev in 1869 but its existence was kept secret until exposed by Clemens Winkler in 1886.  Winkler paid for this disclosure with his life on October 8, 1904.

14.  Woman Dressed as Greek Goddess Heimarmene: Heimarmene is a goddess and personification of fate/destiny, in particular the orderly succession of cause and effect, or rather, the fate of the universe as a whole, as opposed to the destinies of individual men.   This costume serves as a reminder that there is no recourse and the fate of man rests in the hands of the Illuminati.  It is the destiny of man to be slaves controlled by the Illuminati.

15.  The 2012 logo obviously represents ZION.

16.  But it can also be seen as a Nazi Swastika, tying it back to the occult of Klaus Hoder.

17.  Illuminati hand symbol of triumph.

UPDATE: Jeneba Tarmoh and Allyson Felix were scheduled to have a runoff for the final berth for the USA Track and Field team on July 2nd, 2012.  Tarmoh abruptly withdrew and gave the spot to Felix.  The mysterious thing is, Tarmoh gave no explanation for her withdrawal.  Could it be she was pressured by the Illuminati to withdraw?  Or is it possible she knew that going to London was pointless because the ultimate outcome is never in doubt?  While her withdrawal leads to more questions than answers, one thing is certain: Tarmoh's sudden change of heart only strengthens the case that the Illuminati are pulling the strings at the Olympics.

As you can see, the evidence is impressive both in terms of volume and quality.  But it comes to us with a price.  Shortly after our interview, Dr. Dixie Normus disappeared.  Her biography was removed from the website at the university she taught at.  Her cell phone was disconnected.   Her facebook page has been deleted.  All evidence of her existence seems to have been erased.  We have some fears that we may be next, so we can only hope that enough people get this information and act on it.  The potential fallout from the battle to eliminate a bloodline that will take place at the Olympics could have ripple effects on the entire world.

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Postscript: The Illuminati are most likely mobilizing right now to stop our message of knowledge. Educate yourself, because knowledge is power. It is only a matter of time before they shut this site down in an attempt to silence us.  They already got to Dr. Normus.  Please forward this link to everyone you know.  We have to get this message of truth out before we become the next target of ... the Illuminati.

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