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Nut Shot Central


Here at Bofa D's, we always seek to provide classy, upscale entertainment.  We continue that tradition today with these nutshot videos.   Let's be real, nut shots are funny.  And let's also be real, words alone don't capture the sheer hilarity of a guy getting hit in the gonards. I have a feeling no amount of steroids will help this. Maybe Barry Bonds' could loan this guy "the cream and the clear."

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The Only Good Thing About Golf:

Golf sucks. But this commercial is funny.

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Now, we know that this is not "original" material. But doing original videos with nut shots would require us to film someone hitting US in the balls. Hilarious for you, not so much for us. In other words: We like you, but not that much.


Of course, if you want more ballstastic action, remember to check out our other nutshot videos:

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