Quick and Easy Guide to Nicknaming Your Friends 4: Scro Edition

Just when you thought it was safe to make friends, the fourth edition to the legendary series Quick and Easy Guide to Nicknaming Your Friends is here!  By now, hopefully you have read installments I, II, and III.  If you liked the earlier editions, you are cool, and you probably have lots of friends. This list will help you give all those friends nicknames. After all, you can't have two friends named Strokems. If you didn't like our earlier nicknames, you were probably looking for more names employing the patented 'scro' method*. You asked, and we listened. Without further ado, here is the Guide to Nicknaming Your Friends: Scro Edition.


  1. Scrostradamus: Nostradamus could see the future. Thus, SCRO-stradamus is a great name for that friend of yours who is always so sure things are going to happen that he demands you "bet him." Sample Exchange:

    Friend: Spider-man 3 is going to be the best movie of all time.

    You: Maybe.

    Friend: Oh yeah? Bet me.

    You: I'm not even sure how you'd measure the best movie of all time.

    Friend: You chicken? Bet me!


  1. Scrobie's Millions: Like Scrobillionaire, this name is another one tailored for that friend who flashes his 'bling' unnecessarily.


  1. Strokemon: This name evokes the cute little Pokemon that kids are playing with nowadays. But there is probably nothing cute about being a Strokemon. On the other hand, since most adults don't know what a pokemon is, they'll probably never guess that you are implying that they are a pokemon who masturbates.


  1. Scrobodon Milosovic: Slobodan Milosevic was  a horrible dictator. (you can laugh at dic-tator if you want).  Scro-bodan is that friend who is always bossing everyone around.


  1. Scro-diggs: Honestly, I have no idea what this means. But it evokes the word scrotum, so it's a funny nickname.


    1. Jizzlamacist: This friend is a member of the Nation of Jizzlam. Not exactly scrotal, but still a good name.


    1. Scroton: Photons are one of the building blocks of all matter. So, scrotons are the building blocks of ... your friend who is a scrotum.


    1. The Great Scrotini: This name brings to mind a magician. That makes it perfect for ... a friend who likes magic. But not Magic the Gathering. Because people who play that game don't have any friends.


  • *Scro Method: Bofa D's patented method of creating nicknames whereby 'scro' is placed in front of another word, thus adding the impression of 'scrotum' to an otherwise harmless word.

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