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Ode To Maury Ballstein

"God? What the shit are you talkin' about. It's me, Maury."

Maury is the patron saint of Bofa D's. Let me count the many ways. First, his name has "Balls" in it. I could rest my case, but i'll continue as it is my duty as a noble soldier of the Ballstein Empire. Second, the Stein part adds a hint of judiasm, a trait lacking in Hollywood nowadays. Third, there is a book that is really popular called: Tuesdays with Morrie. Somehow, Maury Ballstein got left off that popularity train. So, he's been wronged by the world. His underdog status appeals to the Bofa D's crew. In our humble opinion, he epitomizes all that is good in the world. But most importantly, his name is fun to say. Go on, say it, and try telling me it doesn't make you giggle: Ballstein.


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