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We've been saying all along that Bofa D's is the Greatest Website Ever. And so far, millions of Bofans Around the World agree. But, our readers all asked for one thing. (No, not for us to get a life and shut down this website! Well, actually as you can see in our comments section, quite a few have, but that's besides the point.) Everyone was clamoring for us to name an official Bofa D's Mascot.

Long-time BoFans are well aware of a few things. We love monkeys, and we love Strange Mascots. So, we decided to combine the best of both worlds and conduct an extensive search for the offical Bofa D's Mascot. After much ado, here he is in all his glory:

ballsac monkey 

There are many reasons why this monkey was selected:

1. He's a monkey, and monkeys are funny.

2. He's got a gigantic ballsac. What better mascot for a website devoted to the punchline that reads "Bofa Deez Nuts"?

3. We don't really have any other reasons. If you are shocked by this, we point out that you apparently haven't read any of our other pages:

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As a side note, did you catch the irony of the title of this story "Bofa D's Official Mascot REVEALED?" Or how about the line "here he is in all his glory"?

UPDATE!!! If you like this cute little guy, you can proudly show your support: Visit the Official Bofa D's Store!


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