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For those of you who don't know, Stew Mandel is a sports writer who covers college football and basketball. But even more importantly, he is a great sports writer who covers college football and basketball. But, when we did a google search for him, we didn't find much. That's an injustice! As his #1 fans, we have created our very own Mandel-o-rama. Enjoy!

But before we share the Mandelopalooza, we would be remiss if we did not announce a momentus event indeed. Stew Mandel's first book is available NOW, just in time for college football season. We highly recommend that you buy it immediately. We feel so strongly about it, we've added a link to allow you to buy it from

Now you have no excuse. Sheer literary joy is a mere mouseclick away. And while you are waiting for your book to arrive, read on to learn some more about Stew.


This is the man himself. Remember this face. If they give a pulitzer prize for sportswriting, he's our vote to get it.

Stewart currently writes for Sports Illustrated. Is there a cooler sports Magazine than that? The answer is no. Check out his Archive of Brilliance

But perceptive sports analysis and picking games is not what sets Mandel apart. What makes Mandel a "must read" is his mailbag feature. This is where you get to write to him and he'll answer your questions...or make fun of you.

Here are Three Classic Stew Mandel Bag Moments:

1. Mailbag's Celebrity Crush on Jenna Fischer: In our opinion, this is his best mailbag ever. A pure masterpiece. Check it out here

2. This Q&A Exchange: Q: Mandel, when are you going to stop being so anti-Buckeyes and so pro-Trojans? --Steve, Ohio

A: So long as I'm single, I don't think I'm ever going to stop being pro-Trojans

3. In the same week, Stew was accused of being a huge USC fan and hating USC. Being the honest man that he is, Stew admitted to both.

BoFans across the world rejoiced upon learning that Stewart Mandel has an entry in Wikipedia! There is truly no better sign that you have made it in this world than to have your very own internet encyclopedia entry.

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