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While some people fight their whole lives to make it to the Bofa D's list, others fight their hardest to get off (of the list).  A mere 24 hours after Major League Baseball's Kengshill Pujols found his way to the honorable mention and within striking distance of the list, he did his best to be withdrawn.  We do not accept requests to be removed from the list, mostly because we haven't figured out how to use high speed technology to allow our readers to leave comments for us.  So, we can only assume that Kengshill took matters into his own hands in a desperate attempt to escape the publicity this website offers.  According to, Kengshill was armed with 130 bags of crack cocaine, caught by police with the stash, and subsequently released by the Los Angeles Dodgers.  130 bags of crack cocaine can only be a cry for help.


Well, Kengshill, Bofa D's once again rides in to the rescue.  You've now graduated to the list of Dumb Decisions by Professional Athletes.

Dumb Decisions by Unfamous or Professional Athletes

  • Kengshill Pujols: ruined baseball career with 130 bags o' crack.
  • Allen Iverson: In 2000, with moniker Jewelz, released the worst rap single ever: 40 bars.
  • Ron Arest: Requested time off from basketball in 2004 to start Truwarier record label.
  • Mitch Cozad: Stabbed Rafael Mendoza (starting kicker for the Northern Colorado Bears). A smart way to try become the starting kicker, but a dumb decision to want to be a starting football player at the University of Northern Colorado.
  • Tyson Chandler (a.k.a. The Refund): Decided to play basketball. While most of you may not think the decision to have a career that pays millions and millions of dollars is a dumb decision, the Chicago Bulls fan at Bofa D's has been asking for a refund for years. Can we have Elton Brand back?? the $65 million contract? a hot dog? We feel we deserve some compensation for having to watch him disgrace the uniform, and P.J. Brown ain't cuttin' it.
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