Illuminati Scheme To Destroy America


In March of 2013, the Federal Government ground to a halt after "sequester budget cuts" hit.  To the public, sequestration was caused by a failure of the political parties to reach an agreement on a package of budget cuts and revenue increases.  We met with Nobel Prize winning political scientist Malik Dix to discuss the root causes of sequestration.  What we learned shocked us.
Sequestration has its roots in 13th Century Bavaria, where the Illuminati's reign was more open than it is now.  The word is a combination of "Sequest" (The quest for the truth begins in the sea) and Tration (known among anthropologists as the Illuminati belief of everlasting life through the process of menstruation).  Digging deeper, scientists now believe the legendary city of Atlantis sunk beneath the ocean because its leaders failed to pay for vital infrastructure projects.  Therefore, the 'sea quest' shows that cutting off funds can lead to the downfall of a great empire. 
Meanwhile, the United States government is known to be underrepresented by women.  Why would only 18% of the Congress be made up of women?  Without an outside force dictating events, logic would dictate that the number of representatives should mirror the percentage of the population.  However, according to Dix, the number of women in government has been kept artificially low by a shadow group of power brokers known as the Illuminati.  Why?  Because without the rebirth of menstruation, the government will be unable to renew itself.  When you combine that with the budget cuts that came with sequestration, and it is clear that the Illuminati has determined that America should share Atlantis' fate.
We asked Dix who the force was behind this regime.  He was unable to say with certainty who was pulling the strings, but he believes Speaker of the House John Boehner is the point man for this operation.  Dix bases his conclusion on a number of factors.  One is Boehner's proximity to Sandusky and the Benham Mound.  The Benham Mound is a Native American mound that is close to Boehner's local office.  According to Dix, the stone tools, axes, and flint projectile points discovered at this site are evidence of the first Illuminati meeting with the alien life form recently discovered by NASA.  Ever since archaologists discovered these relics, the Illuminati has had a high ranking official stationed nearby to prevent further evidence from getting out.   It is likely that Boehner is that official.

Benham Mound connection aside, we were reluctant to believe him, until he showed us the following evidence: 

Sequestration is an illuminati plot

With the connection established, the question still remains: Why? Could the plan to destroy America through neglecting infrastructure be an elaborate scheme to hide the evidence of Illuminati collaboration with aliens? Dix's research revealed a pattern of disagreements between Boehner and the Illuminati ruling class.  This has often led to reprisals against Boehner.  For example, Boehner was administratively separated from the Navy after eight weeks.  In 1998, Boehner was ousted as chairman of the House Republican Conference.  Are these disagreements evidene that Boehner is tired of the cover-up?  These hiccups aside, Boehner appears to be back in the Illuminati's good graces ... for now.  Look for the sequestration to continue for as long as Boehner is in good favor.  The end of the sequestration will likely be a sign that Boehner has lost the support of the Illuminati bloodline that controls the eastern half of the United States.  

Postscript: It just occurred to us that the Illuminati might not like us sharing all of their secrets.  It is only a matter of time before they shut this site down in an attempt to silence us.  Please forward this link to everyone you know.  We have to get this message of truth out before we become the next target of ... the Illuminati.

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