Bofa D's Athlete Hall of Fame

Every sport has a Hall of Fame.  The place where the best of the best are recognized.  But what about the rest of the players, players whose sheer mediocrity bring joy to legions of fans.  The "big time" media may overlook these players, but here at Bofa D's, we celebrate the little guy, the forgotten players who toil through an unremarkable career and only get millions of dollars in return.  Without further ado, here is the Bofa D's Hall of Fame.

1. Ira Newble (NBA): Although he isn't even the best Miami University alum (that would be Ron Harper or Wally Sczerbiak or Devin Davis the guy with dreadlocks), this guy represents everything we believe in.  First, his name is fun to say.  Second, even though he'll never be confiused with a really good basketball player, he now gets paid millions of dollars to watch LeBron James play from the best seats in the house - the bench.

2. Evan Eschmeyer (NBA): The greatest Northwestern basketball player of all time.  He should be lauded for geting a huge guaranteed NBA contract before getting hurt and never really playing that much.

3. Boniface Ndong (NBA): Any name with Bone I face and Dong in it deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame.

4. Chris Sabo (MLB): This Reds third baseman had the coolest goggles of all time.

5. Brett Basanez (NFL): Not only did this quarterback go to Northwestern, but his last name is Bas-anus.

6. Jay Fiedler (NFL): Jay Fielder is the greatest Jewish Ivy League quarterback ever.

7. Too Cool (WWF): This wrestling tag team was short lived.  But their names were Scotty Too Hotty and Grand Master Sexay.  And they did the worm.  If you don't believe these guys were awesome, take a look at their picture.

8. John Kruk (MLB): There are almost too many reasons to like this guy to list.  First he was fat. Second, he had testicular cancer.  Third, in his final game, he got a hit, which put him at .300 for his career.  So, he took himself out of the game.  That took balls, no pun intended.

9. Ricky Williams (NFL): This guy chose to smoke weed rather than play in the NFL.  Until he found out he had to pay his signing bonus back.  Then he decided he wanted to play again.  Until he apparently changed his mind, because he tested positive again and got hit with a yearlong suspension.  Then he tried to play in the Canadian Football League, but he broke his arm in his first game.  Seriously, if I wasn't a Dolphins' fan, I'd think this stuff is hilarious.

10. Greg Zaun and Greg Myers (MLB): One year in fantasy baseball, my starting catcher got hurt. That has to be the hardest spot to fill on a roster.  I turned to Greg Myers, who had the best year of his career.  The next year, I again was cursed with an injured catcher.  I turned to another Toronto catcher named Greg.  Greg Zaun proved once again that Toronto catchers named Greg are awesome when picked up as injury replacements for my fantasy baseball team.  Honorable mention goes to Corky Miller.  He never did anything, but he was on my team, and his name was Corky.

11. Kurt Rambis: This one needs no explanation. He is the original Rambis.

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