A Friend of Bofa D's is a Friend Indeed

If you are looking at this page, you are probably a BoFan: Bofa D's Fan. But now a new breed of Bofanatic is cropping up, the BoFriend. Yes, Bofa D's has friends.

But a BoFriend is more than just a friend, it is a website that has made the questionable decision to align itself with Bofa D's. And for that, they should be either applauded or scorned.

1. "It Got Weird": The first site to jump on the Bofand Wagon. With a site name like "It Got Weird", how can you not take a peek?

2. Conroy's Cruisers is a cool site. They sell mini replicas of police cars from all over the country. I have one on my desk. If you tell them Bofa D's sent you, they probably won't give you a discount, but but you will get even more valuable "Cool Points." Click on the cool logo box to check out the site.

3. If you are one of the few BoFans who is lucky enough to have a girlfriend, you should first thank a higher power, and then check out this site. If there is one constant factor among BoFans, it is difficulty with the opposite sex. When you take that handicap and add the fact that BoFans spend hours every day on this website instead of paying attention to their girlfriends, you have quite a problem. Problem solved. Contact Alison and she can hook you up with some custom made jewelry. The only thing women like better than the gift of jewelry, is the gift of jewelry that involves some sort of "thought" on your part. What is more thoughtful than jewelry designed just for her? Maybe a Nintendo Wii...but custom made jewelry is still cool. Click on the cool logo box to check out the site.

4. Hondacur: If you live near Dayton and drive a Honda or Acura, you should check out Hondacur. Not only does the biz supply expert car service, but you gotta love the clever play on words. Hondacur - that could mean "Honda Acura" or "A cure for your Honda." Click on the logo box to check out the site.

5. "The Ultimate Fan": Andrew Van Cleve is ... the Ultimate Fan. According to his website, he'll circle the globe for any game. And if you look at his website, you'll be treated to breadth and depth that has to be seen to be believed. If you like sports, you should check out our Sports Page ... and then the Ultimate Fan website.

6. Clips and Comment: Clips and Comment is THE site to go to for insightful analysis of the news of the day. If you like news, Ohio, politics, or blogs, you should check out this site. Actually, if you don't like any of those things, go ahead and check it out anyway.

7. The Deuce Diaries: Not sure how to describe this one. If you've ever used the phrase "dropped a deuce" - then this page is for you. Ok, maybe not, but you are curious now, and so you pretty much are obligated to click on the link.

8. Fantasy Football Fanatics: If you are like us, you like fantasy football. Also, if you are like us, you suck at fantasy football. That's why you need to visit this website to get insightful fantasy football analysis.

Do you want to be cool? Being a BoFriend is your chance. Drop us a line with your website. If it doesn't totally suck, we'll add you to this page. And let me tell you, being associated with this page brings fame, fortune, and the favor of the opposite sex!

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Note: BoFriends do not pay us in any way (unfortunately). Like the website, being a BoFriend is free!