Down With Imposter Bofa D's!

As our website's popularity continues to grow exponentially, we find that there are many sites that are getting confused with ours.  Now, we aren't necessarily saying that these imposters are copying off of us, but it does look suspicious.  So, rather than filing a lawsuit that would surely net us millions of dollars (after all, we aren't in it for the money), we decided to list the other sites, in an effort to eliminate confusion. in no way endorses or vouches for these websites.  Rather, we just present these 100% true websites to clearup any confusion between the ever expanding world of Bofa D's.

1. BofA ( This is Bank of America.  A bank.  Not a comedy website.  Steer clear unless you want a mortgage loan, a credit card, or a certificate of deposit.

2. BOFADS: According to "the other guys" this stands for Business Office Force Administration Data System.  I'm totally not kidding.  Put BOFADS in and you don't find our site, you get this definition.  If you know what that means, you are too smart to be reading our site anyway.

3. Bofa International Ltd ( According to their website, this is the first company to introduce comprehensive filter technology into the UK.  That sounds pretty good, if you are in the UK, but it isn't very funny.

4. Breath of Fresh Air ( Breath of Fresh Air is a young and fresh graphic design firm.  While we admit we've never actually looked at their site (you've seen our site, you didn't need us to tell you that), we wholeheartedly encourage you to visit their website for all of your graphic design needs.  But stay with us for your comedy needs, ok?

5. Bofa International ( Bofa has become the Thailand leader in manufacturing and exporting upholstered furniture.  Now we have to admit, that's actually pretty funny.  What are the odds that a company in Thailand would hear the same joke as us and make a website about it?  Today Thailand, next week...the world!

6. Bofa Home ( Bofa Home is yet another furniture maker. In fact, according to them they are a leading manufacturer of solid wood furniture in China. You are probably expecting a cheap "wood" joke here. Well, Bofa D's is above the easy juvenile joke ... when there is another more subtle juvenile joke availale. If you click on the link, you will see that this company is located in Shandong Province, China. Dong! Now that's comedy! If you'd rather ponder ethical questions, then perhaps you can figure out the correlation between Bofa and furniture.

Editor's Note: Alhough we are usually opposed to people cashing in on the Bofa name, we are inclined to forgive Bofa Home due to this quote on their website: "Our factory locates in a small city in North Shandong, while there are over 2,000 factories making furniture, and most of them make dining chairs. This is why this small county is rewarded by China Furniture Association as HOME OF DINING TABLE AND CHAIRS." Who are we to mess with China's Home of Dining Table and Chairs? I mean, China is a powerful country with nuclear weapons, and we are just a website...albeit the Greatest Website Ever!

In conclusion, we harbor no ill will to our fellow Bofas.  Someday, maybe we can all team up.  Add up recliners, banks, fresh air, and graphic design, and you have a pretty powerful website.  But until that day, we are content to occupy our little corner of the internet.




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