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Word is slowly spreading that Bofa D's is the greatest website ever. Some people get it. And some people are losers. This page features both.

Captain D's Feedback Comments

This is from "Kris": I can't believe you just wasted my time with this shit, what the fuck kind of web site was that, you think that was funny, D's nutts in your mouth is funny. Jackass. that was spam If I ever saw any, I thought it was a review, but it was just a bunch of bull shit, thanks for that, go jump off a bridge.

This from "Dances with Porcupines": Bank of America should sue him for trademark infringement. I wonder if turning someone into Blackened Jackass would be cruel and unusual punishment?

"FELON500" articulately states: That was the stupidest shit I have ever seen! Must be a 10 year olds web site.

"JCBrighteyes" continues the pile-on: Dude! Get a real job. Four year olds may find you funny, but the rest of us don't. Your jokes are lame and so is your stupid site. @@ Give up your dream to be a comedian before you end up homeless.

"so much for the afterglow" has this insightful comment: Here's a thought ... KILL YOURSELF!

So much for the afterglow indeed. Note to self: never visit Garden City Park, New York

The Great Debate: Urkel versus Screech Feedback

Just to show you that not everyone hates us, people really seemed to enjoy picking sides in the debate about the Family Matters and Saved by the Bell stars.

"Michael" noted: Both had excellent taste in women. No doubt.

"Benjamin" sided with Urkel: Urkel always cracked me up everytime he'd appear and then cause some property damage as a result of his clumsiness.

"Donnie" went a third way and voted for some dude named Grady Wilson.

"Adrenaline Junkie" made yet another convincing argument bordering on the genius line: Steve had a catch phrase, "Did I do that?" What did Screech have? And Jaleel hasn't made a least not one that anybody has seen or would want to see. Jaleel has had a few good roles sincec Family Matters. He was in Big Fat Liar, he was good in that, he playde his self, but still good. Dustin, Nobody wants to see that tape!!!! Who the hell wants to see Screech having sex?!?!?!? I KNOW I DON'T!!!! (Yeah, ok...I'm a guy...ofcourse 'I' don't wanna see that....but what GIRL would wanna see that?!?) I 'DO' like Saved By The Bell, but Dustin 'Screech' Diamond's career, and life, has REALLY gone down hill!!!

Comments on ... the Comments Page!

This might be the greatest comment ever. A comment on the comment page! Genius! "Sara" has earned herself a spot in the Bofa D's Hall of Fame, if we ever get around to making one with this awesome post (put in bold to highlight its sheer awesomeosity):

The Masterpiece Comment: "Word is slowly spreading that Bofa D's is the greatest website ever. Some people get it. And some people are losers. This page features both."

Uh huh. Key word is slowly. VERY slowly.

No, BoyFat or whatever your name is, please pay attention for I haven't the time nor the inclination to say this twice.

"Some people get it. And some people are losers." Indeed. How very astute of you, and you yourself have provided us a fine example of in support of this theory and a quick visit to your little juvie-hall of humor just further defends this statement. Well done!

So, let's rephrase, shall we?

"Some people get it. And some people are several years and many IQ points above and beyond potty humor and the puerile ramblings of a teenager with a self esteem issue."

Look, everyone here is either too mature or too sophisticated to find your innane drivel funny. Wrong target audience. At least you didn't pay for the media time. Deal with it and move on.

Now, as for the rest of us, can we please let this thread die? I'm finding this pathetic excuse for homo sapiens a tad annoying.

Wow. Now THAT is a strong opinion! It's almost as if a little piece of her dies every time someone looks at our site.

Comments on Baseball Mascots

It is rare that Bofa D's offers a sincere apology and correction. In fact, this may be the first. In response to our disdain for Big Lug, we received a message from Chelsea. Chelsea played Ratchet, Big Lug's female sidekick. As any good sidekick does, Ratchet defended Big Lug. This led us to rethink our position. Big Lug himself still doesn't do anything for us, but he is a bit cooler now in our eyes. First, he had a sidekick. Even though Chelsea tells us they have retired Ratchet (a mistake in our opinion), having a sidekick makes you cooler. Second, there is at least one person out there who really seems to like Big Lug. Chelsea seems to be doing a good job in this picture, so her opinion is valuable. And finally, I have to be nice due to this ominous threat: "No more bashing of the Lugnuts mascots...or Ratchet will hurt you :P." So there you have it, the Lansing boycott is officially off.

Comments on Sports Hall of Fame

Our inclusion of Ira Newble in our Sports Hall of Fame also proved to be controversial:

"Brian" had two comments. First: duddde, ur pretty harsh to ira in that "hall of fame" shit. He doesn't belong on the bench! WTF?! he's a bonified SUPASTAR! Then, he added the following suggestion: that Bofa D guy needs his balls ripped off and fed to him.

"Zach" was similarly enraged: IF YOU INSULT IRA, YOU HAVE NO SOUL

For the record, we like Ira Newble. We really do. If someone said we played like, looked like, or even sounded like Ira Newble, we'd take it as a compliment.

Comments on BoFans Around the World

Luckily, one reader had the decency to take the time to educate us (and by extension, the world) after reading our list of countries that have viewed our site: "I felt compelled to write an email because of a (sic) error on the page "Bofa D's Around the World" that begins with "This page isn't really funny" - weird - I didn't come across any that even brought a thought of a smile to my face. Nonetheless, I saw that one of the countries listed was "El Salvador" which then get's (sic) translated to "The Salvador." Who might've been the genius who came up with that one? El Salvador is translated to "The Saviour" - which if we truly know how to translate a word, we would wholly do it - don't you think? I felt the need to bring this to your attention, since I am from there, and for your sake - not show your ignorance... although I doubt that any avid visitors to this site would know any different...Good luck on getting any meaningful or worthwhile content on your page - at the very least, make it correct..." We are sorry for any confusion we may have caused.

Comments on 10 Signs It Is Time To Break Up With Your Girlfriend

Zander found that his situation didn't exactly fit one of our ten signs: "your article makes no sense. im 16 iv been going out with this girl for 2 months and we hangout on Friday night and i wanna bring her to the city tomrow so i ask her and she says no i have to go to my sisters so i beg her to get out of it but she insits she has to go say i say whatever its fine. my friends find her drunk on the train and she says she was at her girlfriends house drinking when she was at a party with other guys but i know for a fact she didn't cheat but she lied to me. i dont know what to do."

Zander makes a good point. There are probably a lot of signs you need to break up with your girlfriend. So many in fact, that we couldn't fit them all in a 'top ten' list. If it helps, I'd say #11 on our list of signs it is time to break up with your girlfriend is: "You ask her to come into the city and she says no because she has to go to her sister's, but she's really going to a party with some dudes, and your friends find her drunk on the train." That should clear up any confusion.

It isn't too late to gain yourself a little fame and make the world a better place in the process. Send your comments to Bofa D's.


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