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Bofa D's has obtained an exclusive you wont find anywhere else on the web...until some jerk steals it from us.  We have obtained this amazing picture:

Chess Cat

At first glance, this looks like a picture of a cat playing chess.   Pretty cool eh? I mean, you don't see a cat playing chess everyday. I'm sure you are thinking "Man, that is one smart cat. I wonder if it can do my calculus homework. Or maybe teach me how to get chicks."

The amazing thing is, this cat has ONE eye. I assure you, we have confirmed this with the owner. Can you believe that? Not only is this cat a super genius chess master, but it is a visually challenged super genius chess master! Imagine the obstacles this heroic cat has had to overcome:

First, Chess Cat has only has one eye, so it has probably gone though life being referred to as "That One Eyed Cat" "Blindy" or "Oh, is he still here? I thought we put him to sleep because he has one eye."

Second, here is a cat trying to learn how to play chess, during a time where cat-human translators are at an all time low.

Third, this cat is clearly playing with himself. Get your mind out of the gutter, I mean he doesn't have a chess opponent. Point is, no one wants to play chess against a one eyed cat. There's nothing to gain. If you win, people are like "Yeah, so what? You beat a one eyed cat. How hard is that?" If you lose, everyone will laugh at you, because you lost to a one eyed cat. Imagine how hard it was for this cat to train to be the best chess playing cat ever!

Fourth, look at the other cat in Chess Cat's household:

humpy mcgee

While Chess Cat is trying to train to become the greatest chessmaster cat of all time, his roommate, whom I'll call "Humpy McGee," is busy humping what appears to be a leg or a couch. No joke, this picture was submitted by the same owner. How can Chess Cat train in such a oversexualized environment? Could you play chess while someone is rubbing one out in the room? No way! And without knowing the sexes of the cats, I think it is fair to say that Humpy McGee presents a temptation other chess players never have to deal with (no offense chess players).

The point is, Chess Cat is a true American Hero. By saluting Chess Cat's achievements, we are really celebrating all that is good in the world.

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