Bofa D's Needs Your Help

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We've gone out and wasted $34.79 on silly Holiday costumes for the Bofa Cats. So far this website has only made us $7.20. We are $27.59 short (and yes, we needed a calculator to figure that out). Please keep coming back and checking out our site to fund this horrible mistake:


Bofa D's Cares Program

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In the spirit of giving, Bofa D's has decided to bring attention to needy animals.  We have agreed to sponsor a group of very needy animals, pictured below.

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We're not so concerned with their well being, as disturbed by their looks. No, this isn't a rat, a mole, or even a hairless cat.  It is a TOY XOLOITZCUINTLI - otherwise known as a Mexican Hairless Dog.  (seriously, that is the name of the dog, look it up if you don't believe me).  This dog has entered this world with many, many disadvantages.  First, it is called TOY XOLOITZCUINTLI.   Imagine having to live your whole life without anyone being able to figure out how to say your name.  Secondly, it looks really strange.  People are kinda freaked out by it (except for in Mexico, where they really like them).  To wit: the "best of breed" puppy looks like that little guy pictured above.  Deplorable!  Third, it HAS NO HAIR!  Imagine braving the harsh winters without any clothes!  Impossible!  Which is why we all need to chip in.  You see, Bofa D's has decided to stop feeding children (not that we ever started feeding children), so we can buy these dogs sweaters.  I can't think of a more laudable way of spending your donations than on a box of dog sweaters.  We all love it when we see dogs in sweaters, so why not get some for a kind of dog that actually has to wear one.

If this program works, next year, we will encourage Jerry Lewis to shift his annual "Jerry's Kids" telethon to the more important "Jerry's Dogs" fund. In order to reach our goal of 1000 sweaters, we need everyone to chip in to buy a dog a sweater on "buy a dog a sweater day" December 24th, 2006. 

P.S. If you make a donation directly to us through the Bofa D's cares program, we are likely to use it to get a Playstation III for the Bofa D's Committee, er, for the needy dogs...


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To make your task easier, we've created official Bofa D's dog clothes! Visit the official Bofa D's Store for all our logorific merchandise! You can get clothes for your animal, or flip the script and get clothes with an animal on it...for yourself!

Did you like this? Send comments, suggestions, criticisms, better content or cash to Bofa D's.


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