Nature At Its Best

We've all seen Monkeys in clothing. And yes, that is terribly funny. But here is your chance to see some other funny animals. And yes, this includes some animals dressed to the nines.

1. Cats and Dogs in Clothes: Cats and Dogs, dressing together! What has this world come to? These cute little cats look very festive, if slightly out of season. Meanwhile, helping hairless dogs NEVER goes out of season!

2. The Adventures of Chesscat and Humpy McGee: Chesscat is a true American hero, while Humpy McGee does his best to keep him down. See these exclusive pictures of America's foremost chess playing cat in action.

3. Adopt A Cat Movie: Pinky is a nice cat who need a new home. Feel free to adopt him, if you don't mind a groin attack. The funniest pet adoption video ever.

4. Bofa D's Official Mascot: He isn't wearing clothes, but this monkey is in the running for funniest monkey ever.

5. Cricket Movie: Crickets are underrepresented in both the action and comedy worlds. Check out this video to see the culmination of years of research.

6.Yoda: International Superspy Dog: Yoda may be named after a Star Wars Character. And Yoda may look like an ordinary dog. And Yoda may in fact BE an ordinary dog. But, if you look at these pictures, you'll see that Yoda just may be an international superspy!

7.Guide to Funny College Mascots: Mascots are, by definition, animals...usually. Here are some of the more unusual ones.

8. Chapstick Monkey: Exclusive photos of the day in the life of what could be the smartest monkey ever.

9. Salute to World's Ugliest Dog: Sometimes something can be so bad it's good. We are proud to salute Elwood, the World's Ugliest Dog.

10. Monkey Video Clips: Everyone loves monkeys. But who knew they could be so funny?

11. Exclusive Pictures of Monkey House: What good is having a monkey if you don't have a cool house to put him in?

12 Deadly Scary Fish Alert: I think fish are animals. Right? Either way, there's a fish that loves urine and will swim up inside your genitals. Learn more here before it's too late!

13. Here are some funny looking pug pictures:

Nature is cool (unless it is the candiru fish), but why not open your horizons a bit and check out some other stuff?


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