Bofa D's 2007-2008 Pre-season NCAA Basketball All-American Team


If you've spent any amount of time on Bofa D's, you know we are uniquely qualifed to anoint the best college basketball players for the upcoming NCAA season. By now, you've come to trust our judgment. So trust us now, these players will make a big impact on the game this year. What kind of impact? Well, at the end of the day, skills, stats, and awards will only get you so far. What really determines how far you'll go in this world is ... your name. Would you expect anything else from the site that brought you the Top Fantasy Baseball Player Names and the Guide to Nicknaming Your Friends?

First Team Preseason All Americans: These masters of the roundballs will surprise you with their explosion this season.

Guard Josh Cummings, Bethune-Cookman Wildcats

Guard Paul Cummins, Lafayette Leopards

Guard Isacc ("I sac") Miles, Murray State Racers

Guard-Forward Lee Cummard, BYU Cougars

Forward Wayne Chism, Tennesee Volunteers

News and Notes: It's tough to block shots of Chism, who led the Volunteers to the NCAA Tourney last year. Defensively, no player wants Cummings in their face. Although he hasn't shown much explosion yet, I-sac is poised to erupt at any point this year. When he does, Murray State fans will have their rally towels ready. Critics of our methodology may have a tough time swallowing Cummard being on this list, but he makes it rain.

Second Team Preseason All Americans : These Rising stars are Hard to Beat Off the dribble.

Guard Keithan Hancock, Northwestern State Demons

Guard Nathan Hedgecock, Army Black Knights

Forward Zach Peacock (It's two jokes), Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Center Jayson Aycock, NC-Wilmington Seahawks

Center Idong Ibok, Michigan State Spartans

News and Notes: I don't mean to stroke Aycock's ego, but he's got the stamina to come at you long and hard on both ends of the court. Meanwhile, Idong leaves it all out on the floor each and every day. Hancock is such a good ball handler he can play by himself. Hedgecock is a long range shooter. Many analyists call Peacock soft, but opposing players don't want to be in his way when he's pissed.

NewComer of the Year: Levi Knutson. This Colorado Buffalo freshman is likely to say "I'm gonna leave-i my nuts on you" at least once during the Big 12 conference season. And that alone earns him his spot on this list, even if it is a bit of a stretch to turn it into a joke.

Academic All American: Senior forward Johnathan Ball of Dartmouth exhibits his intelligence frequently. First, he goes to Dartmouth, which is a pretty good school. Second, he came back for his senior season instead of going to the NBA. Third, balls are funny, so if he can just find a family member to team up with, they will be "two balls". Not funny enough for First or Second team All Bofa D's, but funny enough to put in this slot.