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July 10, 2009  
Word of the Day (click word to get definition): SCROBICULATE
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Bofa D's Quick Guide To Nicknaming Your Friends
Names can be hard to remember. Here at Bofa D's, we would rather not take the time to learn people's names. We just give people nicknames, and now you can too with this multi-part masterpiece

Bofa D's Video Page
If you enjoy watching funny video clips, check out this page. If you don't, why the heck are you looking at Bofa D's in the first place?

Bofa D's Wedding Guide
Bofa D's Wedding Checklist
If you are planning a wedding, these two pages are for you. You'll get the tips you need to have the greatest wedding ever. If you are not planning a wedding, they are still for you - it's a free country afterall.

Bofa D's College Rankings
We believe current college rankings are a bit skewed. Find out why Austin Community College made our list and Harvard is left in the cold.

Bofa D's Sports Page
This page is a must for fantasy baseball fanatics hoping to get the edge in the standings.

Bofa D's Vacation Destination Guide
We've done the research so you don't have to. We've found real places for you to visit, such as Big Bone Lick State Park and Hotel Balsac.

Bofa D's Kritter Korner
If you are looking to see pictures of animals (including pugs) wearing clothing, you'll love this page. If you are looking for porn, not so much.

Funny Searches That Lead To Our Site
You won't believe what real searches led to Bofa D's.

Bofa D's Great Names Throughout History
We've combed the encyclopedia and put all of the greatest names in history in one easy to manage list. Obviously Englebert Humperdink, Greg Louganis, and Gaylord Perry made the list, but check out who else did too.

Down With Imposter Bofa D's!
We find that there are many sites that are getting confused with ours. Now, we aren't necessarily saying that these imposters are copying off of us, but it does look suspicious.

Remembering Winter
We had a lot of great stories about winter. But it's warming up, and frankly, winter is so ... last season. But you can still read all the brilliance on our Winter Page.

Word of the Day Archive
Do you love Word of the Day, but not enough to take ten seconds every day to read it? Well, this page is for you! We've got all of the past Words of the Day right here for your lazy bum!

Believe it or not, some websites have chosen to align themselves with us. Before you hold that against them, check out the BoFriends Page!



Miss the Good Old Days of Bofa D's? Check out our Archives.


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Original Bofa D's Comics

Bofa D's is proud to present the newest original feature available only on this website: Bofa D's Comics. How do we know these comics are original comics unavailable elsewhere on the web? Because WE drew them. That's right, these are comics BY Bofa D's FOR Bofa D's.

 Tune in weekly to see the newest issue in this multipart masterpiece. See both our Comics Archive: Work Edition and Comics Archive: Not Work Edition to ... see our archives of comics and catch up on what you've missed. If you are a person and you are alive, you'll love Bofa D's Comics.

The Legend of Bofa D's:

It all began on a cold summer day, not cold cold, but summer cold. Which is to say, it wasn't very hot. Anyway, I was asked the simple question that would change my life ... forever. "Hey, did you see Bofa today?" As I was unaware at the time who Bofa was, I answered "Bofa? Bofa who?" The reply:

"Bofa D's Nuuuuuuts!!!!!"

A legend was born.

Bofa D's Funny Video Corner

At Bofa D's we realize sometimes reading is hard. And we know as BoFans, you don't always want to stare at words, even words as funny as these. You'd rather watch a video.

We also know that BoFans are lazy. You want all the video goodness in one easy location. Even though you didn't bother to use our Contact Us link, we somehow know this.

So, without further ado, Bofa D's is proud to present:


Now you have one easy place to look for the newest, funniest videos on the Greatest Website Ever.

Bofa D's Mascot

Bofa D's has obtained an exclusive picture of our new mascot. Yes, we know someone who was up close and personal with monkeys, and yes we are extremely jealous. But honestly, only Bofa D's has this picture, and we believe it is worth your time to click to go to our Unveiling of the Mascot page to learn why this little guy was selected.


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In a dramatic turn, the Greatest Website Ever has entered a new medium: Merchandise. This is your chance to own a piece of Bofa D's. Inside, you'll find hats, shirts, dog clothes (no joke) and other cool stuff bearing the Bofa D's mascot! So check out the Bofa D's Store today!

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Bofa D's is proud to unveil Mascot Mania! Now you can find all of our insightful mascot analysis in one handy spot - here! Start your education with Bofa D's Guide to Funny College Mascots

Then, graduate to Bofa D's Guide to Minor League Baseball Mascots Part 1 and Part II

After that, you'll want to see what happened to Famous Mascots of the Past.

And of course, if you like monkeys, you'll want to see Bofa D's Official Mascot.

Monkeys are Cool, but Nicknaming Your Friends is Better (or perhaps a close second)

The best gift we can ever offer you is the Quick and Easy Guide to Nicknaming Your Friends. Trust us, it will come in handy one day...if not every day. So don't complain that we never gave you anything. (A friend of ours complained that his highschool girlfriend never gave him anything and she responded by giving him the ultimate gift that keeps on giving, herpes. MORAL: stop complaining and read the Quick and Easy Guide to Nicknaming Your Friends)


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